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Boutheïna KERKENI 



Articles de revues (4)

KERKENI Boutheïna, Oueslati Ichraf

Ab Initio Investigation of the Abstraction Reactions by H and D from Tetramethylsilane and Its Deuterated Substitutions Journal of Physical Chemistry A, 118, 5, 791-802, Janvier 2014

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Bromley Stefan T, KERKENI Boutheïna

Competing Mechanisms of catalytic H2 formation and dissociation on ultrasmall silicate nanocluster dust grains Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, 435, 1, 1486, Septembre 2013

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KERKENI Boutheïna, Mellot-Draznieks Caroline

Exploring the interplay between ligand and topology in zeolitic imidazolate frameworks with computational chemistry Molecular Simulation, 40, 1-3, 25-32, Septembre 2013

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KERKENI Boutheïna, Ouerfelli Ghofrane

Spin-orbit quenching of the C+(2 P) ion by collisions with para- and ortho-H2 Journal of Chemical Physics, 138, 1, 204314, Mai 2013

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