Accessibility and Accessible Building Policy

The Accessibility Policy at our university ensures adherence to local laws and regulations (please note that in 1981, Tunisia passed a general law on protecting and promoting the rights of persons with disabilities, significantly ahead of other middle-income countries. In addition, Tunisian law requires persons with disabilities to be provided with properly equipped apartments in properly equipped blocks. Law No. 83 (2005), article 13) Our University adheres to these regulations by providing equitable educational opportunities for students with disabilities. The university offers accessible materials, and reasonable accommodations, and respects the confidentiality of disability-related records. Students are required to self-identify, request necessary accommodations, and communicate with instructors every semester. For further information, please consult the Student Disability Services Policy Handbook or relevant university web pages.

The university without obstacles project of our university aims to build an inclusive campus where accessibility is a priority. Our university throughout the inclusive university framework is committed to providing accessible university buildings ensure that every student can thrive and reach their fullest potential. With barrier-free pathways and thoughtful design, we create an environment where everyone feels welcome and empowered to excel. Please join the project to ensure we continue to foster a university that embraces diversity and equal opportunities for all.

Please check our list of

  • Accommodations here
  • Accommodations with full accessibility measures here

• Disabled Student Office managed by Mrs Imen Ellouzi