Presentation of the Green Campus and Open Leisure Space

UTM-Ecological and Sustainable

By Pr.Noamen REBAI (Phd)





Pr.Noamen REBAI (Phd)

Enit, University of Tunis El Manar (UTM)

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Presentation of the Green Campus and Open Leisure Space

UTM-Ecological and Sustainable


The University Campus at El Manar is a place of education, knowledge, life, exchanging, communication, sociability, and conviviality. In spite of these qualities, the various establishments of the campus are poorly connected. Each one operates independently with no high consideration for the social, cultural, sportive, entertaining, and educational needs of the different student profiles. The diversity in student profiles is a richness that needs to be appreciated and developed.

In order to make the most of this wealth, certain spaces need to be designed and created to accommodate this creative potential, and other spaces need to be planned to meet the many needs related to the proper functioning of student life and all the people involved in it.

Therefore, the ATG association, headed by Noamen REBAI, in collaboration with the UTM, headed by Fetid SELLAOUTI in 2018, and currently by Moez Chafra, is launching a two-phase ideas competition. The aim of enhancing the connection between the various establishments on the campus, on the one hand, and student, cultural, social, entertaining, and administrative life on the University Campus in El Manar, on the other.

The project focuses on creating a sustainable and eco-friendly complex that offers students and staff access to several cultural and sportive activities in a common space. The aims of this proposal project is to:

- Enhance the quality of student and staff life.

- Access to free and open cultural sportive activities.

- Create green areas, to improve the air quality and the well-being of interested parties.

-Invest in renewable energy to reduce Carbon emissions and save money.


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